Welcome to Trash Panda Valet Services

Most people know the term "trash pandas" in reference to raccoons who love to get into trash bins and eat your dog's food. Trash Panda Valet Services is a local family owned and family operated waste removal company, based in Forney, Texas which is located just outside the DFW metroplex. Our service is doorstep to dumpster, saving you from the hassle of taking the trip yourself. With 20+ years spent in various roles in the customer service industry we understand the level of dedication it takes to make customers happy with a service and we are fully committed to every resident’s satisfaction with the service.

What are the benefits of trash valet?

  1. Improved quality of living. It's no secret many people look at the amenities of the apartment complex they are considering moving to. Trash Valet is being offered by many high end property management companies as an added service to their residents.

  2. Greater happiness among residents. Imagine never having to take your trash out to the dumpster again. You have more time to enjoy amenities your apartment complex offers, 20 minutes to watch that show you've been binging, or time to take a nap before you have guests over.

  3. Improved safety. Many individuals are concerned about their personal safety. With many people working 9-5 jobs the only times available to take trash out are often after dark, especially in winter time. By eliminating this concern, it shows care and concern for your residents.

  4. Cleaner environment. We all understand the struggle of living a busy life. When life is already full, it is hard to find time to make living spaces, like apartments or senior resident facilities, feel like home.

  5. We partner with SP Electric based out of Wills Point, Tx to provide electrical maintenance and services as well.

  6. We offer bulk waste removal as well. Rates differ for this service. Discounts apply for residents of properties we provide the valet service to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction.

You can contact us at trashpandavs@gmail.com or via phone at 469-290-2875. We look forward to providing excellent customer service to you!

Your friendly neighborhood Trash Panda Team



  • We collect tied trash bags from every doorstep in the Apartment Complex.

  • We will provide specialty waste removal (bulk/ furniture) upon email or phone call request and for an additional fee paid by the resident at the time of service.

  • We provide waste removal( furniture and appliance haul off) for homes as well, prices differ for home waste removal. Home waste removal will generally be scheduled on weekends.

  • For our Apartment Complex customers we operate in the evenings from 6 pm until finished. The days on which we provide service are flexible to meet each sites needs.

  • If you choose to do business with us we will canvas every door in the complex with a flier explaining the service including what we will and will not collect.

  • The period for the service is 120 days. Once you have signed a service agreement you can cancel within the 120 days at any time for any reason in writing with 30 days notice of the cancellation

  • We are insured under a general liability policy that can be provided upon request.

  • Types of waste we will not collect include: Shopping bags (walmart bags, etc) used as trash bags as this slows down our speed of service due to having to remove several bags from 1 trash can, Pet Waste that is not double bagged, Loose Human Waste (diapers, wipes, masks, bedding), ripped or leaking trash bags, loose trash thrown on the ground or on top of/near collected trash bags. Trash bags weighing over 20 lbs will not be collected. The types of waste we will not collect pose a safety/health risk for the employees on site. We will leave notes explaining why we could not collect any given item left at a doorstep.

Thank you for your interest in our services. If you have any additional questions you can contact us at trashpandavs@gmail.com or 469-290-2875.